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Amazing beauty of Matala and AGIOFARANGO Gorge

PRICE 82E per person

including: Meal, Drinks, Drivers


  We start driving through the route of the vineyards of Crete. The villages we will cross are famous for the grape varieties and their wines and that is why there are many well-known wineries on our way.

Our first stop is at AGIOS THOMAS a village at an altitude of 760 meters, dating back to 1371 AD. In the village there are Byzantine churches, ruins of the Byzantine aqueduct as well as Roman era tombs.

Going down, we will cross the MESSARA valley and following a route through olive groves, we will reach the MONASTERY of ODIGITRIA one of the most famous monasteries of Crete, dating back to the 14thcentury.

You will be amazed by the beauty of the monastery and you will have the opportunity to visit the museum with objects of the daily life of Cretans.

Following a beautiful dirt road we arrive at the entrance of AGIOFARANGO and start crossing it on foot. Walking through the gorge (with zero difficulty degree) you will have the opportunity to get close to sheep and goats which are beautiful and absolutely harmless. After 20 minutes walking you will end up on a beach with fine pebble that will really enchant you. It is the paradise of Southern Crete

After swimming in the crystal clear waters and driving through a beautiful dirt road we reach MATALA, the famous village of southern Crete where the HIPPIES lived in the 70s

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