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Extraordinary Gems of West Crete

The medieval neighborhoods of Castelli, Tophane, Splantzia, Firkas Fortress, Kum Kapi and the historic lighthouse, a trademark of the old Venetian port, will enchant you with their color and atmosphere.
In the square of the Archaeological Museum the biggest temple built in the 11th century.
The Public Market, inaugurated in 1913 by Venizelos, were you can buy genuine Cretan products and drink a shot of raki.
Visit of Agia Triada monastery with an impressive temple attribute to the famous painter Merkourio. Also you can admire the remain elements from the holocaust of the Abbey 1821, icons, ecclesiastical utensils, crosses, vestments, manuscript documents, books( Gospels from 1568-1758).
Optional swimming stop to a small
bay with a natural shade and turquoise waters.
Last the most significant archaeological site, the ruins of the ancient Kydonia, the ancient Aptera and Intzedin castle.
A day full of precious moments, back in times travel, and memories for a lifetime!

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