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Sensational Cruise

Revive the romance and charm while you sail into the sunset, Passion fills your souls, as the beauty of the night unfolds...

The ambience changes rapidly. The lights, the sound of the waves and the colors will calm your sences.

There is no more beautiful spectacle than to see the sun sinking in the sea!
Suddenly the sea takes on its colors and an orange-golden path is created ... a fairy path … there's nothing more beautiful than sharing this spectacle with your loved one.

This is the beauty of love; to share moments ... beautiful simple moments from those that you are not “checked in” Because at that very special moment you get lost in the eyes of the person you love, sinking into his soul wishing you could freeze this moment and live in it forever!
Dreaming and gliding into this golden strip in the sea!

Departure  from the old harbor of Heraklion with a perfect view to Rocca al Mare Castle and the Old Arsenals, as the crew hoists the sails. The wind calms down and your boat sails in the cool evening breeze to your secret island.

Chasing the sunset! 

All the other boats leave and we  have the bay all to ourselves.
Mooring in a secluded bay, naturally protected from the wind , sip on some wine as the crew prepares your Romantic Dinner aboard!

Having a private romantic dinner on our yachts, will make your special occasion a truly memorable experience.

You will have the best table with the best view of the sea!

Keep your eye out for our local dolphins as they typically always make an appearance on the Sunset Dinner Cruise.


Sail your Dreams!

Personalise your experience by adding your preferable menu or wine, customize your perfect cruise .

Pick up your yacht !

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Sunset & Dinner  Private yacht cruise

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