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Azimut sensation


Engines: 2

  • Total Power: 2 X 450hp

  •  Cruising Speed: 27 knots

  • Maximum Speed: 34 knots


  • Number of cabins: 2

  • wc: 2

  • DVD-MP3

  • Personal Computer

  • Kitchen

  • Mini bar

  • Fridge-Freezer

  • Ice and coffee machines

  • A/C

Where time is suspended and the journey begins.

Like a wave among waves

Blend in perfect harmony with the outside world.

A glorious panorama of the shimmering sea

Stretches as far as the eye can see.

Enveloping you

Every shape unveils its unexpected beauty,

Every element reveals an unexpected detail and wonder.

You are at the helm of infinity

Cruising has never been so unconventionally perfect

Where the possibilities are as endless as the views

Where the everyday gives way to the extraordinary

Escape and experience all the things you’ve been missing for so long!

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