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Knossos Wine & More !

This day tour comprises the highlight of Minoan civilization led by our expert guide, the best wine experience of Crete delicious food and panoramic view - get your camera ready! 

The re-built Knossos Archaeological site was at the heart of Minoan civilization while the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion has collected the exquisite finds and selected assortment of Minoan masterpieces from across the island.

Explore the Knossos Archaeological site - the heart of the Minoan kingdom and the story about once-upon-the-time most fascinating ancient city in the world. Smooth the dense Minoan-soaked experience by tasting some of best wine varieties of Crete at renowned family-owned winery in Crete's winemaking region​. Delicious lunch and a great, home-cooked food experience in a small, family tavern . Archanes the most charming hamlet of Crete. To the west looms sacred Mt. Juktas, and Vathypetro where archaeologists brought to light the most ancient winery in the world.

Old by more than 3,500 years !


Crete is home to wonderful wine varieties. Exotic-sounding vilana, kostifali, vidiano are only some of the Cretan indigenous grapes. Wine making in Crete can be traced down to antiquity and Cretan winemakers have managed to produce excellent, award-winning wines. One of them – the renowned family-owned winery where we will enjoy the wine tasting.

The lunch in a small, traditional, family-owner taverns home-grown and freshly prepared delicacies is a must and not an exception during our tours. Here is the opportunity to get the taste of truly authentic Cretan dishes.

The sacred Mount Yuchtas was the first Minoan peak sanctuary and the final resting place of the greatest God of Greek Antiquity- Zeus. Enjoy the breathtaking view over the North coast of Crete and collect your own wild herbs.

Catch a glimpse of a traditional village life in Archanes - wonder its narrow pathways where a life takes place hidden from the public eye; village's main square, where the Cretans gather around the glass of raki (local spirit) and play with their komboloi, are the social centers of the island.

It is a full day tour (6 - 8 hours), either from Heraklion (about 1 ha driving time, round-trip), Agios Nikolaos area (2.5 ha driving time, roundtrip) or Rethymno area (2.5 ha driving time, round-trip).

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