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Samaria Gorge Long way 18km

It is a gorge 18 km downhill and transports you from the plateau of Omalos on the south side of the island in Agia Roumeli.
Having crossed this gorge so many times as a guide I can say with confidence that I have not discovered.
The bed and rocks on each side of the gorge shut like the linden of a doorway.
No mere mortal could scale its slopes. The Samarian gorge lies beneath an azure sky standing above the rugged towering iron-colored gates. Boulders-white cobble the narrow naked canyon bottom. The blessed river runs beneath his bed, only to leap into the air and dive into azure pools.
The Samarian Gorge was the longest ravines in Ancient Greece. The protected environment, the abundances of water, the topography and the climate made Samaria a garden of Cretan maple, orchids, and dittany.  Eagles flew overhead and Cretan ibex lived here.  The ridgelines over head were rich  in  wood and great was the landscape, The Samaria was a rapid perennial brook; damp, chilly and feverish with a narrow valley full of cypress and other trees.

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