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Chrissi island day Cruise

 There is something of the marvellous in all things of Nature!!!
-Aristotle Greek Philosopher

Think of walking in the woods,diving into transparent waters combined with the soft smell of cedar. Deep Relaxation an unforgettable experience.
Chrissi is protected by Natura 2000 Networking Programme, as an "area of intense natural beauty", and also has been designated as a wildlife refuge. The island hosts the largest naturally formed Lebanon cedar forest in Europe. The majority of trees have an average age of 200 years and average height of up to 7 metres, some of the trees are up to 300 years old and 10 metres tall. The contact with such a natural and unique environment, creates environmental awareness, but also requires respect for its natural functions. 

In the waters around Chrysi, the variety and populations of marine species keep growing because the waters are very shallow.  Most animal species on the island are spread across the Mediterranean and none of them is dangerous to humans.  The loggerhead sea turtle Caretta-Caretta has been seen many times on the island, but no egg-laying has been reported there. Finally, there are more than 120 recorded bird species, most of them migratory, which stop on the island to rest before they continue their journey.


Chrysi has beautiful beaches with emerald waters, shallow bays and sandy beaches with countless shells, rich flora and fauna, fine golden sand and beautiful colors reflected in the sea. Thanks to this beautiful and preserved ecosystem, Chrysi has been included in the European network of protected areas (NATURA 2000).


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