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Authentic Crete

Getting lost in a maze of cobblestone streets and whitewashed walls, meet the fascinating People and the Culture of Crete.

This journey through the villages  forgotten by time in the mountainous inner parts,see and smell orange blossoms, olive groves, cypresses, pine-trees and a profusion of wild flowers.

 Spili  built at the foot of Voriza Mountain.Due to its fabulous location offers an astonishing view to the sea and the entire surrounding filled with trees, fountains, springs and chapels and churches with wonderful murals.

Meronas village built amphitheatrically, it offers an unobstructed view into the high green oasis of the Amari Valley and the mountainous bulk of Psiloritis. 

have a special tour in one of the village chapels to see the unique frescoes from 13th century. Meet the village lady in traditional cafeneio.

Lunch at a hand-picked, truly authentic family tavern 

Admire the history and Venetian baroque architecture of Arkadi monastery, located in the scenic surrounding of vineyards

Margarites village near the ancient town of Eleftherna. A village with Venetian roots, mentioned by sixteenth-century travellers and  the most important and well-known pottery center of Crete since Minoan Times.

Family Olive Oil Farm​​ visit Taste the precious " elixir" of life. Cretan Olive oil is the best in the world and is part of the very healthyCretan diet that gives the people of Crete long and healthy lives.

Feel like royalty in the welcoming embrace of locals, whose willingness to express their philoxenia always involves the invitation to share a feast.

The unbridled emotion that stirs the heart and makes the soul sing...

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