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Special Cruise Private Bavaria C45

Dia Island Eco Cruise Full Day

Special Cruise  Private Bavaria C45

Live in the now, and breathe it all in. This is island life--and you’re living it!

Aboard this elegant ergonomic BAVARIA 45 Cruiser a true blue water passage maker , offers the ultimate combination of luxury and performance, nominated for the Oscar of the American sailing industry in the category Monohulls Cruising.

Enjoy calm moments of pleasure and crew at your service. Smooth, Quiet, Comfort & Coziness with its big cockpit, bright saloon 3 double cabins, 3 heads and showers, and the largest bathing platform.

Depart from the old harbor of Venetian Candia- Heraklion . Capture the magnificent view of Little Venice" Rocca al Mare" fortress and the Old Arsenals , as the crew hoists the sails and you set off to the Secret Island of Dia. Keep your eyes clean for dolphins swimming and leaping along the way!

Dia: The secret islet of Crete. Uninhabited, approximately 7 nautical miles north of Heraklion, looks like a giant crocodile or lizard. Environmentally protected as part of the Natura 2000.
The naval officer, oceanographer, filmmaker, inventor and undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau between the years 1974-1975 arrived in Dia with his special submarine in search for the paradise described by Plato, the mythical city of Atlantis ! Instead, he discovered many ancient shipwrecks (such as the 17th-century French ship La Therese), and ancient settlements, as well as some cyclopean rocks in the form of an artificial jetty, revealing the largest and most important port of the ancient Minoan civilization kingdom of Knossos.

Mooring in Agios Georgios bay, naturally protected from the wind with clear azure waters and enchanting wild natural landscape. So you can lean back relaxed and enjoy your time on board.
You are our precious guests on this island adventure!

Try something new for lunch – dining on the water! Taste a freshly prepared menu: local fresh meat or fish, vegetable risotto and Delicious Greek Salad served with fine local wine.

Anchor in one more isolated cove with tropical waters and amazing bottom, ideal for snorkeling with broken pottery, coming from an ancient shipwreck!

Perfect From Beginning to End !

Sail your Dreams!

Sailing is open for everyone!

Come along in a smooth and carefree navigation with Crete’s safest sailing organizer.

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