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The Greatest Adventure Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari not only refreshes and revitalizes but one feels close to nature while driving through the quiet and beautiful countryside. From the point of view of people, jeep safari is the best way to face the adventure as you can pass through rugged trails and challenging terrains!

Imagine passing through narrow streets with breathtaking views having the sea on your feet and the Highest tops of the mountains just in front of you !!!

The smell of oregano and thyme , the sense of the wild flowers and the Cleanest Air ...

Meet the locals and talk with them in a calming gathering spot where people can enjoy a strong cup of Greek coffee.

In an olive factory you will learn all about the Cretan extra virgin olive oil, the liquid gold of the island of Crete, the best in the world.

A visit to a mountain tavern is a must for each visit to Crete. The food is authentic and cannot be beaten! Everything is home grown including the wine which is as intoxicating as the atmosphere ...

Explore the cave of Agia Parakevi (Skotino cave) one of the one of the largest and most spectacular on the island.

Some 160m deep, the cave is divided into four levels, with an awesomely huge main chamber it’s unattended and you can scramble down as far as you dare, with plenty of natural light.

Swimming in to the crystal clear waters and refresh your self in a beautiful sandy beach on the north coast.

Return to your hotel after an exciting day with lots of amazing memories !!!

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