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Half Day Escape Dia island

Semi private half day Escape luxury cruise to Dia island with lunch

Half Day Escape Dia island

If you feel like escaping the crowded beaches of Crete, come for some laid-back pampering on our 4.5-hour yacht cruise to DIA, Zeu's Island.

On a yacht, you have the opportunity to appreciate your downtime in an idyllic setting that offers relaxation, freedom, exhilaration, and plenty of fun, all in one experience at your own pace.

Set yourself free and enjoy swimming into refreshing crystal clear and azure waters of Agios Georgios bay while creating long-lasting memories. One of the greatest advantages of this bay is that it is naturally protected from the wind, allowing a small breeze to flow throughout.

The sun feels like happiness , sit back , swim and snorkel at your leisure as the crew prepares the meals on board. You, your family and friends are our special guests on this island adventure!
Equipment Provided: snorkeling, fun fishing gear.
Just Bring your towels !
Comlimentary Mediterranean lunch (Chicken fillets and vegetable risotto With Delicious Greek Salad ), served with fine local wine & unlimited cool drinks.

Let's live together this amazing experience!

Instant Energy!

Sail your Dreams!

Sailing is open for everyone!

Come along in a smooth and carefree navigation with Crete’s safest sailing organizer.

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