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Sundry Octopus

Did you know?

The tradition is centuries old, when people discovered that it was better to dry octopus before grilling it, but had nowhere to do so except for their drying lines. At the same time, fishermen began hanging them on the ropes of their fishing boats. Due to the blazing summer sun in Greece, it was found to be the easiest and cheapest method that could be done during the day to get the octopus ready to be eaten by night.

It is also reported that in some cases octopuses come out on land and that they embrace trees, olives and figs, and even eat figs. The octopus likes the olive tree and sinks olive branches in the water than octopuses wrap around them so they are caught.

Archeological evidence reveals that the Minoans ate a wide variety of foods from the sea. In addition to fresh and salted fish, the Minoans ate octopus, squid, and shellfish like mussels and limpets.

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